The Ever-Changing Landscape of Immigration Law

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The field of immigration law is known for its ever-changing landscape, with laws and policies constantly evolving. This can pose challenges for both immigrants and the lawyers who assist them. The Trump administration, for example, made it clear that it was targeting immigration and immigrants, which had a significant impact on the practice of immigration law .

Constant Flux in Immigration Law
Few legal fields experience as much flux as immigration law. The laws and regulations governing immigration are subject to frequent changes, making it crucial for lawyers and practitioners to stay updated on the latest developments. For instance, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) in the United States prohibits employers from knowingly hiring unauthorized immigrants .

Staying Current with Immigration Policy
Staying current with the ever-changing landscape of immigration policy can be challenging. Organizations and professionals in the field often provide resources to help practitioners navigate these changes. For example, the MIRA Coalition offers training sessions to discuss the latest immigration policy changes . Additionally, newsletters and publications, such as those provided by the Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA), help advocates stay up to date on the latest developments in immigration law .

Importance of Staying Informed
In the current immigration landscape, laws are constantly changing, posing challenges for employers seeking and retaining work visas for foreign employees . It is vital for lawyers and practitioners to stay informed about these changes to effectively represent their clients. This includes being aware of recent USCIS announcements, updates on COVID-19 related flexibilities, and other policy changes.


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